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CF Jaguar Coaches Practice what they Preach

Pragmatic and sustainable.  I’m a straight shooter and admire others that are. I find in many circumstances that approach will help people achieve their goals.  We recently had a coach’s challenge at our box CF Jaguar and when it came down to casting my vote one of our coaches stood out above the rest.  While his results were certainly impressive they were not overly dramatic because of his starting condition–the dude is a hardcore CrossFitter and was not overweight.  His approach and process was straightforward and one that would work long term. While all individuals will vary in their caloric needs, macronutrient ratios, activity levels, supplement needs and genetics his approach and attitude will work for most.  I’d like to share is response upon finding out he won…

Antonio Featured Athlete

“Sweet! Starting January 4th, I realized that i’m not invincible; sure I can drink like a fish, and eat pizza, burgers and donuts without getting obese but it’s a poor health choice and it will eventually catch up to me. I made a choice to get healthy, not just strong, and it’s made a big difference. First thing I did was go on to get my baseline calories. Once I had that, I set it up to lose about a 1lb a week to keep as much muscle as possible. I divided my base calories into 35% carb, 35% fat and 30% protein. I cut alcohol down to 1 to 2 drinks per week, I logged EVERYTHING in my fitness pal. I ate almost exclusively real foods (meats, veggies, some fruit, and nuts/seed). I did have peanut butter every night before bed (there’s got to be science to this), and 2 dark chocolate hershey’s kisses just about everyday to stave off any cravings. I allowed myself 1 cheat meal per week (not a cheat day, but a meal). I drank more than 100oz of water everyday. Supplement wise, I started having a protein shake post workout with a high quality hydrolized whey, fish oil at night before bed, and vitamin d3 in the morning. It took about 8 weeks before my body started to give up the extra weight. My energy has gone way up, and my anxiety way down. I feel great in the gym, and in my day to day life. It took a lot of discipline to get started and rewire some bad habits with good ones, but it’s been worth it. Thank you for the recognition, let me know if I can help anyone else on the way to their goals.”

Exemplary Coach Antonio.

Spring Leaning!

Thanksgiving to Easter — wow!  Been a good run of holidays and fabulous food.  The bear has hibernated, indulged and gained during the cold winter months.  Now it is time to shed that winter coat and get ready for the sultry, steamy Florida summer and weekends at the beach wearing much less clothing.

Photo Apr 03, 9 02 13 AM
The timing is ripe with the kick off of CF Jaguar’s Boardshorts & Bikinis challenge.  This 10 week challenge will give everyone just enough time to get their bodies beach ready.  While taking the pictures yesterday I noticed a common theme — dayum but have our members built some bodies!  Seeing the ladies in their bikinis and the dudes in just their boardshorts made me realize just how much muscle our members have.

Photo Apr 02, 9 54 04 AM
They’ve got the base, that’s the hard part.  Shedding the fat is the easy part.  All we’ve got to do is dial in the nutrition and exercise (pun intended) a little self restraint.  Question being ‘how bad do you want it?’

We’ll get to that in a minute.  I’ve been doing this a long time and was slightly hesitant to partner with anyone or hand over the nutritional segment.  However we had so much success in our Look Better Naked challenge partnering with Cody and Nutrishop of Northdale that I realized once again team efforts are best.

Photo Apr 02, 8 39 38 AM
Cody has been an excellent addition to our challenges.  He can wear his boardshorts year round turning girl’s heads on the beach yet he practices what he preaches which is rare at his very young age of 24.  Even more impressive is his level of knowledge and insight.  As long as I’ve been doing this I have even learned a few tricks from him on how to do it better.  Never stop learning.

Back to…”how bad do you want it?”  I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and my motivation, level of commitment and reasons over the years have varied.  And that’s the way it should be; we all have different challenges and periods during out lives where that commitment level will be different.  It’s a learning process and you have to be ready to make the change.

One thing I will strongly suggest is determine your commitment level before you start and stay with it.  Either way, you are making a commitment.  I’ll put mine out there — this year my goals are aesthetic; I want to be shredded (sub 14% body fat) come mid July.  I’ve got a reunion and I want to wear my star spangled bikini rocking a six pack at 56 years young.  Can it be done?  I say yes and I want it bad.

Stay tuned and feel free to join us and follow along in our 10 week Boardshorts and Bikini challenge to look your best in your least come summertime!

The CF Open – it’s a Movement!

It’s not surprising to me that a record number of CF Jaguar members are participating in this year’s CrossFit Open—I would expect nothing less from our community.  What may be surprising to those not in the CF arena is the diversity amongst those participants.

In the early years the Open brought to mind elite level athletes and the highly skilled being the majority of competitors.  In both 2013 and 2014 CF Jaguar was proud to have such an athlete, Taylar Stallings represent our box at the Southeast Regionals.  They were exciting seasons to say the least.

Photo Feb 26, 2 41 18 PM
While it is hard to rival that experience a different one yet equally exciting is to see our members participating in the Open and how well they are doing.  We have our veteran coaches and firebreathers that anticipate the Open with the excitement of a child at Christmas.  To be expected.  Each year they continue to improve in their performance.  They are driven, they are disciplined, they are successful.

Photo Feb 26, 8 34 53 AM
We also have several of our ‘regular’ members participating.  By ‘regular’ I mean non firebreather.  These are people with busy corporate careers, raising children or both that do not live and breathe fitness 24/7.  They excel in other areas and may or may not have played a sport in their youth and fitness is now a part of their life not their lifeblood.  Some of them doubted their capabilities in this arena when they first came to us.  Well, doubt no more this group is doing it and doing it well.

20160226_114852_001 - Copy
Let’s hear it loud and clear for the age 50+ participants!!  Yea, being 56 I am a little biased but having lived this long let me tell you it ain’t like being 25.  Stuff changes; recovery slows, you have orthopedic challenges due to life’s wear and tear over the decades and  if you haven’t been using it you’re on the verge of losing it.  Our 50 something year olds are kicking ass.  The baby boomer majority is silent no more.  We have our largest group ever competing this year.  They are proving that through the CF lifestyle you can slow down the hands of time and remain fit and functional in your latter decades. #ageisnotanexcuse.

We have so many amazing people representing CF Jaguar this year that we will highlight a few each week throughout the Open. Have you signed up?  You have until Monday to complete 16.1, what are you waiting for?

It Tried to Rain on Our Parade

It’s Florida in the summertime and while we have been most fortunate in the past with our outdoor events there was no stopping the rain on Saturday.  You have to accept the fact that some things are completely out of your control; the weather is one of them.  Prepare for the unexpected — when Murphy and his gang showed up we were ready.

Photo Jul 25, 7 12 47 AM

Our annual Battle of the Boxes competition is typically held in the summer and this past Saturday we hosted our largest event ever with over 59 teams of 4 competing.  We did have a little luck on our side as the weather permitted the initial set up in the morning; the outdoor vendors and athletes arrived and set up camp.  But shortly after the first 3, 2,1. . . GO! the skies opened up and they didn’t let up for the next 5 hours.  Not only did it rain it was a torrential downpour.


The vendors got the worst of it having to protect their merchandise and displays against the weather; the winds blew so hard tents and canopies were picked up and carried down the street.  A few abandoned ship (pun intended). This was exemplary of ‘only the strong survive’; we had a total of at least 6 that could be not salvaged.  The hardiest of the vendors with the true CF mentality weathered the storm with only a few packing up early and heading home.  The rest merely secured their tents, dumped the rain from the tops and held strong.


Meanwhile inside the box the wods continued with very few hiccups.  As I was moving around checking on vendors and then on athletes and spectators one thing was glaringly obvious — everyone was still smiling, cheering on their athletes and having a blast even as all the spectators were huddled on one side of the box.  It was a torrential downpour but that didn’t ruin the ‘parade’ one bit.



Even with 10,000 square feet when you have 236 athletes competing and several spectators it’s a crowded box.  Twice we had to completely shift the crowds in order to set up for the next wod.  With our awesome staff in control that was easily accomplished.   As the rain continued to pour in the doors had to be shut at times to minimize flooding in the box.  That meant it was hotter and more humid; still not complaints from athletes and spectators.


There were many game day decisions to be made and I must compliment our team on making them and making them quickly.  When our handstand wall was flooded, 2 volunteers rushed out to purchase towels and we immediately moved it to the dry wall.  Outdoor prowler pushes became indoor rowing (pun again intended).

Our main parking field which was grass turned into a swamp, the cars kept coming and coming so our parking director had to shift them to the sides of a vacant “private” road.  Mid competition, the gate got blocked which we rallied, found the owner and moved the offending cars.  That didn’t stop the absent owner from threatening to tow the cars.  Good luck, there were at least 80 of them. They finally quieted down after a bit of diplomacy on my husbands part.



Finally around 1 pm the sun decided to shine or more accurately the rain stopped.  Vendors dried out their tents, spectators got to walk around outside and the athletes continued to PR despite all the rain.

We pride ourselves in being organized, giving the athletes and spectators a top notch and fair competition without running excessively behind; I wondered if that was possible at the beginning of the day.  With the weather conditions, parking situation and a 20 minute time out for EMS we finished the day only 50 minutes behind schedule.  I consider that incredible.


In true CrossFit spirit the athletes, vendors and spectators did not let the rain ruin the day.  The athletes PR’d, the spectators were wowed and vendors garnered new customers and made sales.  Despite the rain the parade marched on with an overall successful event.  While there are only so many spots on the podium it was still a winning day for everyone involved.

Go Ahead. . . Make my Day!

Owning a successful business means working on the business the majority of your time rather than in the business. After about 9 years of doing too much of the latter I finally learned what that meant and for the past 6 years have been doing more of the former.

Jaguar Shots (3)

Which means I coach and private train far less than I used to. I feel it beneficial to still coach and train although far less for a few reasons. By being “on the floor” I have a better perception of what my coaches do and see daily thus improving our overall programming/coaching in general, I am still able to do what I am most passionate about and it’s a nice break from the other more mentally taxing aspects.


Training for a better life

Due to scheduling constraints I met with a new personal training client this am for our first session. She had signed up in the ‘heat of the moment’ last Thursday. We first sat down to review some orthopedic concerns and her first words to me were “you know I’m not sure this is for me, I might want to transfer my sessions to my daughter’s”.  Her daughter was beginning her sports specific training with another coach which was what initially brought her to the our facility.

2005 Fall Classic 015

Sometimes, I get a little ‘intense’

It was almost as though she were afraid of me, as if I had a reputation for being a militant drill sergeant that was going to kill her on the first workout.  I have zero idea where that idea could have come from–although she is a long time acquaintance of my husband and I’s and could have possibly heard some false rumors.

We began with a thorough assessment and the “workout” consisted of proper technique and mechanics of the box squat, push up and reclined row. We followed with 3 exercises to strengthen the trunk. The emphasis remained on  learning the techniques, we didn’t even pick up a weight.

Jaguar Shots (61)

Training for competition — there are many different forms

One of the trunk exercises was a ball slam, which after 2 sets of 15 left her with just the right amount of sweat and a big smile on her face. She kept smiling and her parting words were “you know, I can do this, just wait till I tell my employees I’m doing CrossFit!”. “I might come back later and do more of those ball slams”.

That MADE my day and brought me back to what is most important and the basis of what this is all about — people of all fitness levels; teaching empowerment, improving not only sport but activities of daily living and making lifestyle changes that improve health and quality of life.

The smile on her face will stay with me all day long.  It might be a few weeks but I can’t wait to put a sledgehammer in her hands.

Wine & Wod

Wine?  Yes, it was a bribe.  We hosted our first Ladies night at the box last Friday; each female member was asked to bring a friend(s) that had expressed an interest in what we do at CrossFit Jag.  There would be an introduction, workout and then afterwards everyone would hang out and enjoy water, wine and appetizers.  What an amazing night!


We had over 50 ladies attend from age 19 to 70.  What was really amazing is in the diverse group everyone was doing the same thing.  How is that?  Well, how about a little recap of the evening. . .

We started the night off by gathering everyone at the whiteboard and Coach Kim led the group with an icebreaker having everyone introduce themselves and a line or two about why they are here or something about themselves they’d like to share.  She then covered ‘what is CrossFit ,’why’ CrossFit very well might be for you and that it won’t make you bulky but it may make you buff.

After a thorough explanation of the whiteboard Coach Melissa led the group in the warm up



Now it was time for the wod. . .

Partner AMRAP for 15 minutes
1 works 1 rests

200 m run (scale to 100 m or row)
10 squats (scale down to a box or up to DB thrusters:)
10 sit ups (scale down to crunches or up to v ups)
10 burpees (scale down to step ups or up to hurdle)

70 years young, you go Pauline!






Fit Momma to be


We worked hard now it’s time for some fun!

IMG_1871 - Copy



Y’all come back real soon!