Nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, sleep, hydration and time spent in nature and reflection will improve the health of everyone

High Protein Omelette

Watching your macros and want a quick and easy meal that can easily split into two? This high protein Omelette is quick, easy and hits all the taste buds!

Chicken Sausage Al Fresco

Chicken Sausage by Al Fresco

I found these Chicken Sausage Patties by Al Fresco that are absolutely amazing. Adding them to this omelette made it so tasty! Score!

I started with 1 Tsp of Ghee in the pan and added the onions, bell peppers and mushrooms. Once these get nice and warm and begin to soften, add the spinach and tomato and chicken sausage and let it cook and heat the sausage through. While you allow everything to cook, you can crack your eggs and get them nice and blended.

Add the Eggs when everything is cooked, and all veggies are tender. I poured the egg into the mixture and let it melt into every crack until I had used it all.

blended Eggs

blended Eggs

Allow it to cook for a few minutes, until you can tell the egg mixture is solid enough that you could turn it with a spatula, (but don’t!) — time for the broiler.

eggs sausage and veggies Heat the broiler to HIGH, and place the pan (mine is cast iron, so I am able to put the whole thing in the oven). WATCH IT CAREFULLY! The egg will rise and finish cooking under the broiler, cook it until its just beginning to brown. (I like mine cooked a little more than most, but this is totally a personal preference).

Just make sure to cook it long enough to completely cook the egg.

Omelette under Broiler

High protein Omelette


High Protein Omelette Ingredients

High Protein Omelette Ingredients

Ingredients & Recipe

2 large, Eggs – Whole, raw
2 large, Eggs – White only, raw
4 cup, Spinach – Raw
0.50 large, Onions, raw
6-8 Angel Sweet Grape Tomatoes
0.25 cup, pieces or slices, Mushrooms, white, raw
2 ounce, Sweet Bell Pepper (Red, Yellow, Green)
1 tsp, Ghee
1 patty, Chicken Sausage Breakfast Patties


Top with:
2 Tbsp, Medium Organic Salsa
2 Tbsp, Sour Cream Pure & Natural
0.25 c, Deli-Sliced Tamed Jalapeno Peppers

Nutrition Facts
Servings 2.0
Amount Per Serving
*Calories 246
*Total Fat 13g 20 %
Cholesterol 242 mg
Sodium 587 mg 24 %
Potassium 704 mg
*Total Carbohydrate 17 g
Dietary Fiber 5 g
Sugars 7 g
*Protein 19 g


finished omellete

finished omellete

2016: On Strength & Winning

Happy New Year America!  It’s time to make ourselves stronger and time to win at life.  I have always loved this time of year; I take the last few weeks of December to enjoy the holidays and reflect on the upcoming year. . . did I accomplish my goals, what worked, what didn’t. I set new goals and formulate a strategy and plan to achieve them.

Photo Nov 19, 9 24 53 AM

Every year has a mantra and this year we’re focusing on strength and winning. Not merely physical but mental strength as well and I don’t think you can separate them. Strength is the foundation on which all other attributes are built.  Without strength you will crumble.  Without strength you will lose in the gym and in life.

One of the biggest challenges I see with people in general is that they have become weak.  In body, mind and spirit. Many are fat, sick and lazy; hmmm, which came first??  Sitting all day and evening, getting little exercise, eating badly, rarely cooking then searching for pills to remedy the ills and wonder why this is happening.

The blame is placed on made up syndromes and preventable diseases.  There is more information available today on how to fix this than in any other time in history yet as a whole our nations is at its worst.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s pretty much boils down to two things that can radically improve your life:  Diet & Exercise — yes Dr. Oz it really is enough.


There are exceptions and genetic differences but for the majority of people making changes in these two areas will greatly enhance their lives, performance and knock out many ills.

If it’s so simple why are we not a fitter nation? Why are we sicker and more obese?  No one cooks anymore always reaching for processed quick and easy packaged food or toxic take out.  We don’t exercise enough.  Hell we don’t even get off the couch to change the channel on the television which btw we find plenty of time to watch. the internet, social media and techy gadgets are another channels we find plenty of time for.  And what’s that gotten a lot of people? Carpal tunnel ‘syndrome’.

I’m not knocking everything modern I enjoy them myself from time to time.  But all this stuff that’s supposed to make our lives better with more free time and the opposite effect has resulted.  We need to get back to basics; start cooking, start moving and get strong.

20160107_093614 (1)

When you strengthen the body, you strengthen the mind and spirit.  You continue when you want to quit, you get back up when you fail and attempt again–your whole persona changes. Additionally you will lose the fat, sleep better, blood pressure will go down, other physiological markers will improve, you will start thinking more clearly, relationships and careers will improve or you will find the chutzpah to get out of them.

Am I just insensitive?  How do I know?  Because I’ve been there.  I’ve overcome personal challenges through just this path.  I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learned from them.  It all boils down to one major tenet — strength.  And it begins with the physical being. We must operate from a base of strength, only then can you overcome your weaknesses and fear.  Those are the two main things that hold people back.  And once you lose the fear and gain the strength you begin to win.


Recovery: don’t neglect it

While there are no excuses for missing workouts you need to also have the intelligence to take a day off when needed.  One of the most misunderstood and neglected aspects of training that I’ve seen over my career is the lack of attention to proper recovery.  Whether you’ve just come off a major competition or stress inducing life event the body and mind need to recharge through recovery.

Photo Aug 01, 3 52 28 PM

The “sun” came out for a few moments

Although I hosted an event rather than competed in our recent BOTB  after weeks of prep with full on workouts to keep my sanity the crescendo of a challenging yet successful event left me feeling like I had competed.  When I stepped into the box last Monday and faced the remnants of what it’s like to have 500 people crowded in there on a rainy day I knew exactly what our workout would be today — righting the box.  Equipment had to be moved back, some cleaning had to done until the regular service came and while I had a lot of help the biggest part of the morning was spent on that.  My “wod” was functional on Monday.

Come Tuesday I felt a little better and merely lightened the load; I just needed to sweat and move not set a PR.  Wednesday is generally an active recovery day.  It became a rest day.  Thursday I was back and ready, Friday I felt the effects of Thursday’s efforts and it was a move the dirt day like Tuesday.

Soup's on!

Soup’s on!

Mindless reads

Mindless reads

Saturday is optional:  recovery or rest? Well, I needed a weekend to rest.  And the rain has continued to pour for nigh on 3 weeks now so I took advantage of the atmosphere and dug out some mindless reads, put on a couple of pots of summer soups, took a leisurely salts bath and enjoyed a snail paced weekend.  Pure bliss.

Look out Monday — I am ready!!

Stressful Week – No Time to Workout?

Two words:  MAKE time.

We all have weeks and periods in our life that are all encompassing and not everything can get done.  The last thing you want to cut is your workout.  Why?  Because that’s what will enable you to be your best and thrive in lieu of the added stressors. We are preparing for our boxes biggest event ever 2 days hence. With all the extras on our plates we had to prioritize our workouts.

Photo Jul 23, 10 39 00 AM - Copy

Why and how? Well, it’s been quite a hectic and task filled few weeks with down to the wire preparation for pulling off a large event like this. We’ve 23 more teams than we had in our second year and 3 times as many in our first year.  That’s a lot of additional work on top of regular box operations not to mention a bit of added stress.  We had to have an outlet for that stress and working out is where that happens.

First off I have an incredible staff/team that has made it all possible. And our members have also jumped our board helping out by moving heavy equipment around as warm ups and cool downs before and after the classes.  What’s kept all of us working in harmony and getting things done and done well is that fact that each of us has made the time to get our workouts in.

Personally, I’m a morning girl and like to hit my wod around 9:00 am. With only 2 days until the competition I have plenty to do, I was sorely tempted to save some time and skip the workout. But I didn’t think that would be very beneficial.

The workout took me about an hour and 20 minutes including a little post wod stretching but I knew after my 4th set of heavy rack pulls (4 x 12 #Jacked Street) that skipping it was the worst thing I could have done. With the sweat pouring, my heart rate elevated and the high that comes from pulling 180# 12 times I knew then and there it was going to be a great day! And the rest of the workout made it even better.  It cleared my head and left me with a “bring it on” mentality.

I’m very proud of our great team here at CF Jaguar and I’d like to introduce the key players in making this competition possible.  Along with their workout philosophies for the week.

Kim 2

Kim: our box manager/coach/right hand girl and she manages to keep all roles running smoothly.  We suit well and her role in our box is a large one her passion for what she does along with excellent coaching abilities lends greatly to our retention.  And her exemplary workout discipline solidifies this;  no matter that she sprained an ankle catching a snatch one week out from the competition she’s still getting her workouts in with some strict pull ups and other upper body work.

Shaina 4

Shaina: coach/event coordinator –this is her third run at heading up our box comp and she has her systems down. I swear she stays up at night dreaming of improved schematics, spreadsheets and efficiency logistics.  And during the day between a full time corporate job, part time CF Jag coach and event coordinator yet she always manages to get in a thorough workout.  It’s part of what makes her so good at everything she does.

Melissa: coach/admin full time has had her putting in plenty of extra hours these last couple of weeks; and did that interrupt her training to take back her world power lifting record at the Boss of Bosses 2 meet August 30 th? No it didn’t she even pr’d her back squat this week at 239#.   Mind you, Mighty Mite only competes at 97 pounds.

It’s this drive and determination to skip the excuses and make the time to workout even when life is overly busy that keeps us sane and able to get done what we need to do and do it to the best of our abilities. So the next time your life gets overwhelming. . . workout!


Are You Drinking Enough?

Water, silly. . .


It’s not always rocket science; I often find myself looking for a more complex solution to a problem when sometimes the ‘answer’ is so simple, so elementary it’s overlooked. That happened at about 9 weeks into my competition prep diet.

I had stalled again. Why? I rack my brain and continue to research, review my food log which is kept with the precision of an engineer and can come to no conclusions. I don’t think lowering the calories is the answer, the macros were where they needed to be, training was going well despite a little fatigue, what could be the answer – fat loss just slowing down? We were getting closer and I was getting nervous. I only had 3 ½ more weeks.

Every coach needs a coach so I sought out the advice of a local expert. I also wanted some advice for ‘peak’ week. We meet and I know I’m going to like the guy when he shows up with a tablet (not the kind you’re thinking of), a nice little spiral one with a pen attached plus he’s just about my age. Good, we can most likely relate.

After an initial conversation and a few questions he begins to review my log. Not the one on myfitnesspal but the handwritten one I have in my little spiral tablet. He looks me up and down, asks more questions, reviews the numbers again, scratches his head and asks one more question – “how much water are you drinking?”

Photo May 30, 5 40 13 AM

Well I say thinking it has little relevance but a tinge of guilt, probably not enough, maybe a little under 2 quarts a day. “Not enough” he says, get in a gallon and a half. A gallon and a half ? My eyebrows shoot up, I only weigh 119? “A gallon and a half” he repeats.

It was already mid afternoon so I start off the next day off with a nice cold gallon of Le Vai water and by noon I guesstimate that I was probably not even getting in 2 quarts per day. This is Florida, it’s hot now and I train without AC. Which means a lot of sweat. Hmmm. I manage to get in about ¾ of the gallon that day and wake up the next one pound lighter.

I had been feeling a little tired the last week or so, I also find I have more energy. I wear reading glasses but my vision had been overly blurry lately, that seemed to improve also. Thinking there could be something to this I get in a full gallon the next day and lo and behold I wake up another pound lighter. Holy hell! I also look a little fuller, leaner and harder. What is this guy a miracle worker?

Not really, I was simply dehydrated. Often times it’s the simple things we lose sight of. The answer is not always a complex one. I am working on getting in more than a gallon and continue to notice the effects when I don’t.  Take heed and do not lose sight of the basics — drink up!

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